Volunteer Opportunity to Make Our Neighborhood Greener

The David Suzuki Foundation is starting a new initiative in Ward 19 in Toronto, our neighborhood included. The goal is to build a “Homegrown National Park” along the former path of Garrison Creek, and the fun part, is they want community members to as volunteers. They are trying to create a greener urban environment, and are looking for locals with ideas for improving and growing outdoor green spaces in Ward 19.

If you are interested in volunteering and doing something positive for the greater community, check out their website to learn more. Applicants must live in the ward. They are looking for individuals with strong ties to the community, ideas for improving the neighborhood green spaces, and connections who will help bring those ideas to life. The Foundation will provide training and support. The area making up this green corridor is shown in the green section of this map:

Park Boundary on Map-thumb-250x441-4188

If you do participate, please keep in touch with us, as we would love to help you make our neighborhood greener!

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