Hawker Bar is looking for community input and support on their back patio

Hawker Bar

cropped-name-on-windowIn January this year our local Singapore streetfood joint, Hawker Bar, sent the below note to locals in the area asking for their input and support for a small back patio they are looking to open this summer. The permit process for patios in Toronto can be long and challenging, and the support of local residents is key to ensuring everything runs smoothly and quickly. They have asked us to share the letter as they want to ensure an open and honest dialogue with all the neighbours so if there are concerns they can address them quickly and directly rather than at a hearing room.

They are looking to build a small 23-seat garden patio featuring extensive use of foliage as both decor and sound- reducing devices. Access to the patio will be through a basement traverse through the restaurant, not from Foxley or through the kitchen. There will be no speakers or music present on the garden patio. They intend to build a cover on top of the patio to reduce the noise and close the garden patio at 11pm sharp.

They have asked anyone who has concerns or even wants to help support them to get in touch through their email, hawkerbar@gmail.com, or by calling 647 343 4698.

We are excited by the project and look forward to some nice dinners out under the summer starlight with their Singapore Chicken Wings and Hawker Laska Lamak. Plus, in the summer, everyone will enjoy another outdoor dining option to complement Foxley and Union.

Read through their note posted below and give them a call or a note and let them know what you think.

Hawker Bar – Project Patio Letter to Neighbors

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