Top 10 Posts of 2012


It was a busy year in the Ossington area. In reflection of the year end, we like to share some of the posts that received the most traffic over the course of the year. The list is filled with posts about the openings of restaurants, topped off with The Saint Tavern, and including some of our and your favourites like Get Well, OddSoeul, Yours Truly, Arrow Cafe and Bellwoods. Other popular posts related to the new condos being built at 109 Ossington and the very interesting art project in the alleyway behind the west side of Ossington north of Queen. From high to low, the top posts of 2012:

  1. Now Open – The Saint Tavern
  2. Get Well adds craft brews to Dundas West
  3. Let Ossington Grow – 109 Should Be Built
  4. Table d’OZ comes to 109 in support of The Stop
  5. Opening Soon: ODDSEOUL
  6. The Arrow Cafe and Ice Cream Opens on Dundas and Ossington
  7. Yours Truly Now Open
  8. Ossington LaneWay Art Project Benefits Community
  9. Amaya Express finally opens on Ossington
  10. Bellwoods, A New Brewery, Chooses Ossington

Other fun 2012 facts.

  • July was the busiest month for site traffic.
  • 22% of visitors this year accessed the site through a mobile device compared to 12% last year
  • The busiest day of the year was November 20th when we posted Let Ossington Grow

We look forward to experiencing and sharing another great year. Here’s to 2013!