Ossington Last Minute Gift Guide 2012 – Part 2

murray sign

Yesterday we strolled Ossington looking for gift ideas for your loved ones this holiday season. Here are more of our discoveries:


The ever stylish Philip Sparks has some small items to help you look great through the cold winter. When you gift these scarves, you can say they are from a hot up and coming Toronto designer, and priced at $80, they are a great deal.

Vintage Hockey Stockings

Down at AWOL Gallery at 78 Ossington, the folks from C-1 Art Space are back on Ossington with a pop-up Christmas shop full of unique pieces designed by locals, with prices starting at $10. These stockings, with classic pictures of hockey players, are a great way to surprise your kid or grown up on Christmas morning (and a reminder about hockey during the long lockout).


One of our new retail arrivals this year was Unleashed in the City, a pet care centre at 45 Ossington. They are involved with an organization called K-911 Moosonee Puppy Rescue, a non-profit devoted to reducing overpopulation, abuse and neglect of domestic animals. You can find beautifully made Christmas cards, hats, scarves, and shirts between $10-$60 knowing you’re supporting a great cause.

Telegramme - Warhol

Telegramme - Murray

Telegramme Prints, just south of Roylat, goes beyond framing services with classic and modern gift ideas. Today we discovered these Warhol squares at $35 a print or 3 for $89. There were also these Dave Murray prints of Ossington and Dundas signs for $20. Perfect for locals or visitors who love the neighborhood!


And any serious Ossington hipster will love to give or receive a gift of pure irony and fun. We found this treasure at the new LP LPs record store. It’s a compilation of classic Christmas songs, from “well known” Canadian artists such as The Jokers, Suzanne Beausoleil and Raymond Berthiaume (we haven’t heard of them either).

If you still haven’t found something for that hard to gift person, there are also gift cards for any of the local restaurants or spas. That gives you a lot of choices: treat the family to Pizzeria Libretto, or your partner to a romantic dinner at Yours Truly. Buy your sister or girlfriend a treatment at Lush and Lavish or Buffer, or buy anyone a 10 class pass at Academy of Lions. Whatever you decide, have a great holiday!

Buffer Gift Cards