Cote de Boeuf Opens!

IMG_2251Just in time for your Christmas dinners, Côte de Boeuf has opened at 130 Ossington. Teo Paul, whose restaurant, Union, down at 72 Ossington, is well known in the neighbourhood for locally sourced food, has expanded his offerings. The timing is perfect for neighbourhood residents who are looking to impress their relatives at Christmas dinners. Their products include a wide range of prepared foods such as Fois Gras Terrine,  Smoked BBQ Capon, Duck Confit, Corned Beef with Bread and Butter Pickles, and, of course, the côte de boeuf, which is one of the highlights of the Union restaurant menu. They even have some delicious looking dessert items including a pecan pie. And you can be confident with Teo that your food is sourced locally, as much as possible.

To get into the Christmas season, there’s nothing like fresh roasted chestnuts. Although it wasn’t quite operational when I arrived (as they were just getting set up) they have a chestnut roaster in the front of the shop.

They are butchering and aging their own locally sourced beef, pork and lamb, and preparing charcouterie in the back of the shop in a walk-in fridge and creating the delights in their own back kitchen.

Here’s a few shots of the store we took on their opening day. We wish them the best, and, given the demand for high quality food in the neighbourhood and across the city, we know they will do well.





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