Table d’OZ comes to 109 in support of The Stop

Table D'Oz

This Saturday the chefs and businesses of Ossington are getting together to serve the community a meal at a 100-foot-long communal table outside of 109 Ossington, all in support of The Stop.

Stop by from 2pm to 8pm and try out food from The Lakeview, Painted Lady, The Saint, The Grove, Amaya Express, Yours Truly, Hawker Bar, BQM, Bohmer and more. There will be drink pairings with prices ranging $2-8. As we all know, Ossington is renowned for it’s depth and breadth of great restaurants. This is your chance to try some of the food they serve as everybody comes together to support a great food-related cause.

For those who don’t know The Stop, it is one of Canada’s first food banks and has grown to educate and build a community around food and nutrition. This includes programs and initiatives in community gardens, cooking classes, drop-in meals, outdoor bake ovens, and advocacy.

There will also be music, spun by none other than Derek from Grasshopper Records, another local business owner who knows his tunes.


  1. This is a great idea! It’s sort of like a pop up restaurant, but with everyone on the street. Cool!

  2. Why wasn’t the Crooked Star invited. They have been on Ossington the longest, and have about ten food items on it’s menu. Like ribs and Mac.

  3. Who knows? They may show up. I talked to Sandy at Reposado last night and they’re going to bring some things, so hopefully we’ll get some crooked star. Maybe a cask ale!

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