Photoblog – Sept 27th 2012

Ossington is changing rapidly, if you don’t stop and look, you might miss something. Today we did another stroll down the strip to document some of those changes.

90 Ossington, just north of Levack Block, is being renovated into a casual Asian bar. The much anticipated Oddseoul, owned by the brothers Han of Swish by Han, should be open in 2 weeks, according to the Han brother we spotted this morning.

There is a new resident of 38 Ossington. Williamscraig Design Company now has their office on Ossington next to the self storage place. More daytime people who get to enjoy workday lunches on our street!

Down at the corner of Queen and Ossington, on the east side, construction is underway at what was formerly a sewing machine shop. According to the builders a Skateboarding shop is going in there. We can get our longboards and wheels soon!

This morning when we stopped by they were putting some steps on the new Starbucks on the corner of Queen and Ossington. Now it’s only a couple short blocks to Dovercourt until the next stop on the Starbucks-Queen latte tour.

Building at Motif, at 41 Ossington, is underway. It looks like they are digging the basements and getting ready to set foundations.

In the former space where Frantic City sold books, it looks like our new nail salon, Buffer, is getting ready to open within the next couple weeks.

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