Changing Ossington Photos – July 2012 Edition

There have been lots of changes to document down near the bottom of Ossington over the past month, from a new Shoppers Drug Mart, to new retail space being unveiled, to the start of work on Motif, a Reserve Property Development.

Work has begun on demolishing the old electrical supply store to make way for Motif, a new development coming to the street.

The scaffold and covers have been removed from 40 Ossington and it looks like there are 2 new small retail locations, one of which is already leased.

The new Shoppers Drug mart opened last week at the southwest corner of Ossington and Queen.

The new development on northwest corner of Ossington and Queen looks nearly finished.

The building on the northeast corner which was a sewing machine retailers is about to change. We can remember what it looked like.

A view up Ossington from the new Lower Ossington Avenue.