Ossington Photos – June 2012

More photos from some changing locations on Ossington from last weekend.

First up is an in development space at 215 Ossington, just south of Fishbar. Will we have another restaurant in there, or something else?

We heard it on twitter first, and confirmed last weekend with the clerk working inside. Frantic City at 123 Ossington will be closing before the summer ends. It’s a shame because it’s an excellent store with loads of fantastic books in stock. It’s hard enough for bookstores to compete with the chains, but now with e-books, it’s next to impossible. We’ll miss Frantic City.

We’ve been waiting a while, but apparently Amaya Express Restaurant at 108 Ossington is close to opening.

We reported last month that Jaiden’s Petals/Cindiloowho at 130 Ossington is closing soon, so enjoy the image while it lasts!


  1. No! I don’t want to see frantic city close. Its my favorite place on ossington!

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