Dundas West Changes – La Quinta, Get Well, and an ice cream & coffee shop

After getting a kick-start from the misguided policies of Joe Pantalone and his restaurant moratorium, Dundas West is undergoing some further changes with some new additions. Recently we’ve seen the opening of a record store, Grasshopper Records, a new vintage store, Penny Arcade, and some galleries. And now, adding to that, we have a few businesses in the process of opening.

La Quinta is renovating a spot on the north side of Dundas, just west of Dovercourt. According to their site, they are building on the local Portuguese traditions with a contemporary flair. You can follow their progress on twitter.

We’ve also seen a new sign on the front of the location previously occupied by The Port. The Port was updated with a new menu and a new feel in January of last year, and had some good music, but didn’t promote themselves well. The new business is called Get Well. From a peek behind the paper in the window, renovations are well underway so we can expect a new look and feel to the place.

Finally, we’re excited to see a new ice cream shop opening up on the north side of Dundas just west of Ossington. We don’t know the name of the store yet, but their logo, a stylized letter A, came from the uncovering of an old linoleum floor from a previous print shop that used to occupy the space a number of years ago. They are looking to open in the next couple of weeks. We’ll write more when they do.

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