Neighborhood Closings

Soon to close Jaiden's Petals Cindiloowho

In sad news (for us), Dani just blogged that she will be closing her flower shop/furniture store, Jaiden’s Petals Cindiloowho, at the end of June. She has been a supporter of new businesses, a purveyor of top-notch goods and services, and a wonderful neighbor, and we will miss her and her store. She is going to expand her career with Jazz FM 91, so it’s good news for Dani. Stop by before she closes to wish her well and get some of her beautiful arrangements while you can!

Dani does note that someone already has dibs on her space, in fact, two someone’s, Teo and Chasen from Union. So, in the “when one door opens, another closes” philosophy, just as Dani is moving on to an exciting new venture, so too is 130 Ossington. We wish Dani and Teo and Chasen the best of luck.

Also closing, actually already closed, is The Port at 1179 Dundas Street West. We wrote about the pinball machines and pool tables, and mostly about the beef on a sword,but it didn’t last. We are not sure what will rise in it’s stead, so if you do, please let us know.

The Port, now closed
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