Changing Ossington

As you can see every day walking down Ossington, many of the buildings are transforming – changing to condos, retail spaces, breweries, fine-dining restaurants, and more. Over the weekend we took some photos of some of the places in transition so we can look back in a year or more and remember how the street used to be.

MotifThis development has been in transition for a while. Recently they got approval to build more housing further down Rebecca St.

Hawker Bar – Between I Deal Coffee and the Downtown Lumber the folks at Hawker Bar are in the midst of a transformation to creating a Singapore dining experience.

109 Ossington – In the location where Mundial Auto Repairs (and auto sales) and a Portuguese social club used to reside, a new condominium cluster is going to arise. I have never noticed the crenelation on the top of the old social club.

Bellwoods Brewery –  In the old location of Rolly’s Garage and Meta Gallery, the folks at Bellwoods Brewery have been hard at work transforming the location. We’re looking forward to sipping a pint of brew on a warm summer night on their front patio.

38-42 Ossington – This was a group of residences which seems to be vacant and has had wood scaffolding out front for the last few months. Does anyone know what’s going to appear here?

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