Toronto Sketchfest Troupe Profile: Peter ‘n Chris

Vancouverites “Peter ‘n Chris” are coming to Toronto again to perform for us as part of the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival. Based on their responses to our profile questions, they seem like two funny guys, so check them out at Lower Ossington Theatre on November 12 at 10PM and/or Comedy Bar on November 13 at 7PM.

How did you get involved with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival?

Peter: our Toronto comedian friends told us about it and it sounded like a fun time, and a good chance to meet other sketch comedians, so we applied.

Chris: and I was too drunk to say No

What other troupe’s show at this year’s Festival do you most want to see?

Chris: Im pretty excited to see Uncalled For, Picnicface, Two kids one Hall, Falcon Powder, and Charles

Peter: and hopefully there is enough time to catch Tower Heist, its a new Ben Stiller movie

Why should we come to see your show?

Peter: you’ll want to see our show because we are on before PicnicFace that night, and you are probably going to see them. So it would be polite if you showed up for us too

Chris: also, we won pick of the fringe in Vancouver, Now Magazine Critics Pick, and a Just for Laughs Best Comedy nomination, and we are on before Picnicface who you already want to see.

What is your favourite place on Ossington? If you haven’t been to Ossington, where do you most want to go?

Chris: I don’t really know Ossington, but last year there was this convenience store near the Lower Ossington Theatre that I bought a Red Bull at before the show, and it definitely lived up it its name. Convenient

Peter: Yeah Chris told me about that store, it sounded pretty awesome, i hope to go there too.


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