Toronto Sketchfest Troupe Profile: Fratwurst

Fratwurst is made up of four homegrown Toronto talents. They perform around the city, are up for awards, and for Toronto Sketchfest, you can see them in two shows at the Comedy Bar: Nov. 11 and Nov 13, both at 7PM.

We asked Fratwurst to answer our profile questions, and they answered.

How did you get involved with the Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival?


We did it last year and had one of the best sets we’ve ever had. The Toronto Sketch Fest is an event which we look forward to all year.

What other troupe’s show at this year’s Festival do you most want to see?

Peter and Chris, The Majors, Kerpatty and Jape. These four troupes, coincidentally are performing with us on the 11th and 13th at 7:00pm. We go way back with Jape and they’re fantastic geniuses.
The Williamson Playboys are phenomenal and need to be seen to be believed. National Theatre of the World, 2 kids one hall, Falconpowder and the Imponderables are legends in Toronto. 3 Peters, Ladystache, Shoeless, Vest of Friends, Classy Affair, Cheap Smokes, Good Game, Shark Jump, Smells Like the 80’s, Touch my Stereotype and the Regulars. These are all troupes we have built a rapport with and would be pissed off if we didn’t mention them and go to their shows. Can’t burn bridges…

Why should we come to see your show?

We will be coming off of a streak of glory as we will have just performed at the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund show, Cream of Comedy on November 7th. Whether we win or not, it represents a level of prestige in the comedy community for up and coming performers. We’re doing that show with an amazing troupe who ironically have perfect teeth- British Teeth.

What is your favourite place on Ossington? If you haven’t been to Ossington, where do you most want to go?


The Lakeview holds a special place in our collective heart-By in our heart, we’re being literal- The collected greasy goodness from all the breakfasts. We used to perform at Opera Bob’s when a friend of ours ran a show there years ago, but we still swing by now and then. The Lower Ossington Theatre is rising as one of the best places to see a show. Rocky Horror, baby. Also the Caledonian because it has innis and gunn on tap- amazing.

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