TV Show Filming at Dakota Tavern

If you were on Ossington north of Dundas last night or anytime today, you probably noticed loads of trucks and maybe you noticed some adults dressed up in period costume. This was not an extra-large Halloween party; rather, it was “Bomb Girls” shooting on location in the Dakota Tavern.

I stopped by this evening to see what I could see, which was: lots of trucks, lots of crew milling about in front of the Dakota, lots of gawkers “waiting for the bus,” and a few actors and/or extras dressed a little old-school and stuffy compared to the usual Dakota customer.

Bomb Girls is a Can-con production for Shaw Media starring Meg Tilly (no, I didn’t see her) and set at a munitions factory on the homefront during WWII. Word is the show will air next year on Global TV. So when it does air, don’t forget to look for scenes of the cast going drinking or to a show at The Dakota!


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