Here’s an update on some businesses that have closed or are about to close or move from their Ossington locations.

The restaurant Paramour is currently closed; their voice mail message says they are closed for renovation and will be reopening next month. Based on a recent article, the space is now called “94 Ossington,” after it’s address. At this time, all the space is being used for is some “pop up” shops in the next few weeks.

We also just learned that retailer and designer Virginia Johnson is closing up her Ossington shop and moving to a space at 970 College St, just west of Dovercourt. Her last day on Ossington will be Saturday, October 22. She will be throwing her semi-annual sample sale on Ossington on November 18-19, at 76 Ossington. Otherwise, head on up to College after November 1.

EDIT: A commenter to our site says Beau Lieu Bistro (59 Ossington) was open on Saturday, October 15. We don’t know the status of the restaurant, and are trying to find out, because it is a bit unusual. We have walked by a couple of nights when they should have been open but were not, so as they write on their  website, call ahead:

Our restaurant may no longer be in operation.
Please call in to see whether we’re open or closed.
Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.


Meanwhile, we will keep you posted when new businesses come in to replace these. Have any news of your own? Please post in the comments.

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