Crepes and More Shuts Down

Like it’s predecessor at the location, Le Bar a Soup, who closed up for the summer and never reopened, Crepes and More, which only opened their doors in April 2010, is now shuttered and the building (or perhaps the business?) is for sale. Crepes and More never really found its groove with the Ossington crowd with its odd hours, not opening later in the evening when the neighbourhood would be packed with bar and restaurant patrons who might have found late night snack or sugar rush tempting. The times I visited I found the prices steep for a quick take-out place, and they hadn’t upgraded their facilities to allow for sit-down food service.

We look forward to the next business to take over the location.Will someone bring sushi into the neighbourhood?

Other neighbourhood rumours: The now closed dentist’s office next to Churchill on Dundas is rumoured to be a new restaurant led by one of Mark McEwan’s sous-chefs from Bymark. Also on Dundas, the old location of The Tampered Press, The Communal Mule, north of Trinity Bellwoods Park, is going to be filled with a pet supply store moving into it’s location.

Note: Correction – it wasn’t Tampered Press that closed, but The Communal Mule. Tampered Press is alive, well and still serving great coffee! (apologies to anyone who listened to my mistake)


  1. Hi, I own The Tamepred Press. I’m definitely not closed. I’m open and busy!! The Communal Mule closed down East of me…I’m assuming that’s what you are talking about…
    If you want to come in and try a coffee so you know a bit more about the shop and the Ossington area, we’d love to have you!!

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