Soccer Matches Break out on Ossington during Construction

Don’t say the people in the Ossington area don’t have a good time and make the best of a bad thing. And who said Thursday and Friday nights are just full of douchy 905ers? We know how to have fun.

The corner of Ossington and Dundas has been closed for a few days while they repave the entire intersection. So the section of Ossington north of Rolyat to Dundas has been barren at night. So what are local businesses and regulars to do? A soccer match, of course.

For the last couple nights impromptu soccer matches have broken out in the street near the intersection with the staff from some of the local bars, including the Painted Lady, involved. While we’ve missed both matches, tweeters @tattsjane, @beatricebastado, and @HiMySyed sent some understandably dark pictures out via Twitter. @HiMySyed even live-tweeted the first game at 10:30 at night on Thursday. Thanks folks!

Here’s some pictures and tweets from the evening!

Hilarious! Hipsters on sidelines yell, 'Yeah! Go Girl in... on Twitpic

Impromptu soccer game in the middle of construction at dundas... on Twitpic