The Painted Lady launches Jazz on Oz – Who else is in?

The Painted Lady has quietly launched The First Annual Jazz on Oz Fringe Festival, running at the same time as the Toronto Jazz Festival and the Toronto Fringe Festival.  In reaction to the corporate sponsored, expensive and staid concerts provided by the city jazz festival, they are hoping to attract some of the best and brightest from the festival to extend their nights in a more free-form style. During this time, The Painted Lady will be open, serving, and offering live jazz until 4am. As most of the venues at the official event end around 10pm, it will be just enough time for the musicians to grab dinner, and head out to do what jazz musicians do best: improvise and interact in a comfortable late-night venue. The sets will include (or start with) musicians like Great Bob Scott, Chris Gartner, and Shuffle Demon Richard Underhill, but who knows where it will go from there?

The great jazz musicians – Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Dizzy Gillespie among many others- honed their chops and gave audiences wild and random shows late nights in the clubs in New York, so the Painted Lady is hoping to get musician musicians down to Ossington to keep our neighbourhood in the forefront of the arts in Toronto.

We think there’s room for at least a few more venues to join in on this fun. How about Reposado, The Port on Dundas, Dakota Tavern or Bunda Lounge? Let’s get a few more venues going and be the place in the city where the real fun and creativity happens.


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