Sidewalk Patios for a Lazy Sunday – Lakeview & Crooked Star (Patio Guide V3)

In our continuing series on the great patios on Ossington, today we highlight two options for enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon, while watching the Ossington crowd roll by (which, on a Sunday, may include a few walks of shame from the Saturday night festivities) – the Lakeview Restaurant and The Crooked Star.

The Lakeview Restaurant has one of the prime outdoor spots, and includes a great menu for brunch, and recovery from the prior night’s activities. Boasting cheap Caesars and Mimosas, it’ll help you revive the hangover while you sit out in the sun on Dundas listening to the rumble of streetcars and watching locals walking over to Trinity Bellwoods. The outdoor area of the Lakeview only fits around 16 people, so can get pretty busy on nice afternoons. The patio is, in fact, open every day for lunch.

If you’re not looking for food, and just craving the hair of the dog while sitting outside enjoying the company  of locals, another option is the Crooked Star. This friendly neighbourhood bar is not known for its food, but for a wide selection of beverages including a cask draft beer and other locally made brews. The plastic chairs are somewhat awkwardly placed and it can be hard to navigate down the fenced off area, however it makes for many opportunities to get to know your neighbours at the close-by tables.