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BQM patio

Now that the warm weather is here, all of Toronto is talking about, and going to, patios. Well, we are still waiting to find out what happened with Bohmer‘s application for a front patio, which will draw all the neighbors for food and fancy drinks.

We also know that Union wants to open their patio and is still waiting for the city’s approval. Would be nice to share that prime rib for two al fresco, non?

In the meantime, we have news about another patio on Ossington that is going to expand.

Those who follow us on Twitter likely already know the news that BQM is planning to renovate their front patio and add a back patio on Rolyat Street. This southern facing patio gets a lot of sun and is busy for lunch, dinner and drinks, so customers will likely approve the expansion.





Don’t forget, we began a patio guide earlier this spring, put it on hold after weeks of rain, but we’ll be back with more very soon!

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