Ossington Patio Season begins (or Patio Guide V1)

It’s finally springtime, and it’s time to sit outside. Ossington has a number of great outdoor venues both in the back and out front. This Saturday a couple of them were in full use. Here’s the first part of our Ossington patio guide outlining some of the great places to sit outside on Ossington.

I-Deal Coffee – has a nice outdoor space, if a little unkempt at times. Only last year did they fence it in and clean it up a bit, as it was getting used in the years prior. Don’t expect service out there, as you’ll have to get your coffee inside, but it’s one of the best spots on Ossington to catch some rays, being on the north side of Foxley.

BQM – This burger joint on Roylat and Ossington also has a south-facing patio and this Saturday, early in April, people were out having drinks and burgers. At BQM, you will get full service, and it’s also licensed. The wooden benches aren’t always the most comfortable at BQM, but there are umbrellas to keep parts of the patio in the shade.