Ossington News Update

An update on recent news coverage of Ossington:

Lush and Lavish Salon and Spa is the first spot mentioned in a Toronto Star article about green and organic spas.

T.o.night newspaper (?) did a piece on Dundas West bar-restaurant The Port. Definitely go for the steak on a sword!

Tonight, Bohmer restaurant hosts a fundraiser dinner for Japan. With lots of well-respected chefs and wineries donating their time and talents, this sold out fast, but also got a lot of attention.

We already covered it when it happened, but it’s such a nice story, we like mentioning it again. Three bakery workers on Ossington won millions in the lottery and the press ate it up! (get it? bakery, eat?)

And it’s nice to see one of our local art galleries get some attention. The Globe and Mail highlights a recent exhibit at Gallery TPW.

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