C1 Art Space gone – Heavy Head Quarters to open soon

One of the cute art shops on Ossington – C1 Art Space – has closed its doors and there’s now a sign on the door that a new gallery is opening soon called Heavy Head Quarters.

Their website had indicated that they were leaving to pursue other goals as of a month or so ago.

As of January 2011 C1 art space will be taking an indefinite hiatus on all adult classes, kids classes and parties, as we pursue other teaching and art related projects. We thank everyone for your interest and attending our little school over the last 6 years.

It has been an incredibly rewarding experience. If you need any suggestions on where to take classes just send us a quick email and we will forward you a list of places to possibly check out.

Happy creating!
With warmest regards,
Sandra Tarantino and Ross Bonfanti Co-Directors

This is what is on the front door of the space as of last night:

We’re looking forward to our new Ossington tenant.