Last Minute Valentines Gift Guide

February 14 is this Monday, and have you even thought about what to get
for your special someone? If not, we’ve got some great ideas for you that
you can get on Ossington. We did not visit every space on the street, and
we know there are lots we missed, but here’s a small sampling.

The first stop we made had to be Jaidens Petals, because Dani is our source for beautiful flowers and arrangements. She will be working overtime until Valentine’s Day is done to make personalized bouquets, and she also has some pre-made beauties at $20, $30 and $40.
Our next stop was Venezia Bakery, because everybody likes sweets on Valentine’s Day! And do they have sweets! Tarts, cakes, cannolis, pies – all sorts of tasty treats for your sweetheart! My mouth is watering just looking at them!
So the traditional Valentine’s gifts of flowers and food are taken care of, we move on to Frantic City. You can pick out a record album or book by your or your sweetheart’s favourite musician or author, or go with a book of poetry by a well-known Canadian. Browse around and see what works for you! All of the above are suitable for man or woman.
At I Miss You Vintage, you’ll find a lot of options for the fashionable woman in your life. It may be hard to pick out clothing for someone not there to try it on, but accessories will always work! And I Miss You has a wide range of vintage handbags, belts, and jewelry for your retro-leading lady.
C1 art space has a lot of cute stuffed toys, quirky cards, and these beautiful (but affordable) necklaces for your lovely!

At Ministry of the Interior, we found some beautiful boxes – even if there’s nothing inside, it’s a nice gift to open!

Finally, if you are feeling like it this Valentine’s may be the right time to take your relationship to the next level, Downtown Lumber will gladly make a copy of your key. Stick that in an envelope and seal it with a kiss!

Now that you’ve got the shopping done, don’t forget to make a reservation at one of your favorite restaurants! We have a guide for that too.

Happy Valentine’s everyone! XOXO