The Ossington Last-Minute Gift Guide – Part 2

Today we continue our Ossington gift guide with more unique treasures you can find in our neighbourhood’s retailers.

One of the shops that always have things you won’t find anywhere else is C1 Art Space. If you’re looking for some nice ornaments these little snowmen are made right in the store and go from between $18-$25.

C1 Art Space also had these little creatures from a little company called Damned Dollies. They also have little ones that make very unique tree ornaments also!

Johnathan + Olivia and the featured store inside Top Shop, have some great selection on clothes which make great gifts if chosen well. If you’re looking for gifts for your man, this collection called TopMan includes jackets and sweaters, as well as stylish hats and socks.

Jonathan and Olivia also have a line of children’s clothes. When you have kids in the Ossington neighbourhood, they need to fit in with the hipster crowd too. Jonathan + Olivia’s collection is just the style they need to be seen in the Oz scene.

Telegramme Prints also has a collection of prints to decorate the walls of you or your loved ones’ house. This print by Charlie Harper is in the Christmas spirit and goes for $225 framed.

One of the employees of Telegramme Prints also makes his own Christmas ornaments. Patrick Fisher is a local glass artist who sells these stylish ornaments which make for a nice gift for only $20.

Our favourite florist on the street, Dani, from Jaiden’s Petals has nice gifts for everyone, because who doesn’t love flowers over the holidays? When we stopped by she showed us this red amaryllis plant, which is something you can bring along to a Christmas party as a hostess gift, and they’ll remember you were there long after your hosts have drunk the wine the other guests brought along. It blossoms into a bright red Christmasy bouquet.

If you’ve found this blog, you’re probably a bit of a techie, and you probably think you’re stylish too. Virginia Johnson has just the gift for your work colleagues or loved ones to show them how much you love your technology. Cute, knit iPhone sleeves is needed to keep circuitry warm in the winter, so your friends can keep texting you, and you’ll make them look good while at it.

Last but not least, Delux Restaurant has been canning their own preserves, with pickled raisins, jalapenos, and even candied walnuts. With prices all under $10 for these little stocking stuffers who wouldn’t like a taste of what the Delux chefs put together in their spare time.

Let us know what other gifts you find along Ossington!


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