A look back: Ossington Festivals 2010

2010 was the year when Ossington came into it’s own – international press coverage, great restaurants and art galleries, and a regular spot on the schedules of a lot of the city’s festivals.

Summer is the top season in Toronto for festivals, and this year was no different. Ossington area venues hosted parts of the music festival NXNE.

The Scream Literary Festival organized a fun literary pub crawl on Ossington, with Canadian authors reading to audiences in pubs and bars over the course of one hot night.

One of the big summer theatre festivals came to Ossington – Summerworks music and theatre found a home at Lower Ossington Theatre for 10 days of music and theatre performances. Comedy also came to the Lower Ossington Theatre with the Toronto Sketch Fest this November.

And don’t forget fashion! A charity fundraiser, Frugal Fashion Week led shoppers to Ossington retail spots for a week in July, with proceeds going to clothe Toronto’s less fortunate through Windfall Basics.

The Havana Cultura Festival took place only on Ossington (and environs), with a weekend full of music, art, food and drink from Cuba.

Even events as big as TIFF and Nuit Blanche spread to Ossington, with exhibits at our galleries for both festivals. Other art focused spectacles on Ossington this Fall were Printopolis, celebrating contemporary printmaking in galleries, and the International festival of Performance Art at XPACE.

Ossington welcomed Toronto’s first Beer Week, which launched with full support of Ossington bars this September.

We appreciate that all of these different cultural events take place right around the corner, but even we couldn’t get to all of them. What were your favourite events this year on Ossington? Are there any we should have mentioned? Which ones do you desperately want to return? I can’t wait for the next NXNE – already got my passes!

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