Watch the Debate here – some great snippets

If you missed tonight’s debate with the Ward 19 candidates, we recorded it on UStream. The video isn’t great, but the audio came out quite well, so you can hear the full debate.

There’s some great pieces in thereĀ  – definitely tune into the 9 minutes mark for Michael Sims talk about the school board which offered some pretty shocking and interesting information. On that same topic, it’s also worth checking out another question on the same topic of the school board atĀ  1:14:45 where the same topic rattled Mike Layton.

Each of candidates presented well and there were fire and passion in all of them. There are some great other snippets. What was your favourite part?

We’ll post more on the highlights of the debate tomorrow.


  1. Right now I’d say there are three candidates I could vote for (rather than just voting against someone else). I like the fact that this race is so competitive. The fact that there is no incumbent to try and unseat means more good people will come out and run, which is an excellent argument for term limits.

  2. can u post the names of the speakers from left to right – other than layton and sun I am having a hard time figuring out which person is talking and am trying to make an informed decision – thank you

  3. Good question Kathi! From left to right is David Ted Footman, Sean McCormick, Karlene Nation, George Sawision, Jim Likourezos, Karen Sun, Mike Layton and Ross Bruto. We have now added all of their website links on our home page so you can read their own words (except for Ross, whose site is not yet ready).

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