Pictures and Commentary from Tuesday’s Debate

We posted our Tuesday night’s debate on UStream here, but we also took some good pictures of the event, and there was some good coverage.

A few good people were following the debate on twitter and provided up-to-the-minute commentary on what was going on:

There was also an article today in Parent Central on Michael Sims’ discussion of Maria Pantalone, sister of Joe Pantalone, and a current local school principal who recently was charged with assault and in the past found guilty of throwing feces at a student, and her  distribution of Chris Bolton’s campaign literature through her school. Michael Sims made quite a stir. (Quite shocking stuff, and amazing that it only makes Parent Central in the Star)

There was also coverage and an endorsement by a local blog “All Fired Up in the Big Smoke”

We’ll keep an eye out for more coverage, but in the meantime check out the pictures from the night. If you want to check them out on Facebook, we’ve posted them there also.

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