Goed Eten gets off to a rolling start

There was another awaited opening on Ossington yesterday. Goed Eten takes over the location where Semolina left a few months ago. We stopped by this morning for our morning coffee and met Johan who was still working putting things together. Going through the opening process can be a challenge.

Goed Eten used to be in Kensington and had some great reviews for their excellent food.

While the decor hasn’t changed much since Semolina left, Johan explained that he will be growing into the location. Right now the menu is still quite limited, although there is a range of coffees, from very short espressos, to longer Belgian style.  The sign on the front explains that it’s a two step process, with them starting out serving some easier to prepare foods such as fresh made Belgian waffles, house made ice cream, and locally baked breads and pastries.

In a few months he plans to expand his offerings to prepared and packaged meals, as well as selling organic produce from local farmers.

You can keep up with their new offerings on their Facebook page here.

Our coffees this morning were excellent, and we welcome them to the neighbourhood.


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