OURHOUSE at 214 Ossington to officially open April 22

OURHOUSE will officially open on April 22, but is in a soft opening for neighbors to check it out. This is a nighttime establishment, so head over this weekend after dark and say hi and give your feedback. I have been trading emails with one of the owners, so this is fact people!

Brian and I stopped in for a few drinks last weekend. The fact they haven’t officially opened probably explains the limited beer and wine lists. We were there before the evening rush, so it was pretty empty, but the staff was very friendly. It is a pretty big space, with a bar in the front and one in the back (which wasn’t open when we were there). I got the idea they will be bringing in DJs. The front of the house by the windows is set up with some cushions and pillows, a nice chillin’ space.

The food menu looks really creative and fun. Lots of paninis (including banana and nutella!) and some retro desserts including a surprise box which included Nerds when we were there! Try it out and give us, and OURHOUSE, your feedback!

Here’s a quote from Jackie of OURHOUSE to give you an idea of the vibe they are trying to create:

OURHOUSE is modelled after the idea of having friends over  to a
great apartment. The soundtrack at OURHOUSE is on par with the ‘feel
good’ ambience and emanates the best of the 80’s, 90’s and early
2000’s, just with less Britney and more Tears for Fears.

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