Friends of Noah Benefit Concert – Organized by Nicky Potter of Painted Lady

UPDATE – May 11th: Nicky informed me that this event raised over $40,000 for the charity! Well done!

The Painted Lady is a busy place, and Nicky Potter, the proprietor, has her hands full daily with growing and building the business. But, when she’s not running one of Ossington’s local hot spots she has been busy with a charity she holds dear : Friends of Noah Canada. This Thursday, the charity which helps children orphaned by the Aids epidemic in southern Africa is having a dinner and benefit concert at the Berkeley Theatre at 315 Queen St. E. The dinner is early and features a Afro-Fusion dinner by chef Nathan Isberg, formerly of Coca and opening a place soon on Dundas near Brock.  You can get tickets for by calling their office at 416-557-4819.

But for those that can’t afford the dinner there is a great after-party and show featuring local musicians Noah Mintz and Pierson Ross and that’s only $15 starting at 10:30pm.

For those of you who don’t know about Noah, it was originally set up in South Africa to build Arks – essentially places for kids who have been orphaned by the Aids epidemic could go and get necessary service and assistance. Friends of Noah is the Canadian arm, started by Nicky, to raise money in Canada for this great cause.

It should be a great night. For tickets to the after party, and to support a great cause click here.