Ossington Business Profiles – Edition #3 – Silver Falls Vintage

Silver Falls Vintage

This is the third edition of our new series where we profile neighborhood businesses and ask them a set of 8 questions about running their business on Ossington.

Located at 15 Ossington, just north of Queen, Silver Falls Vintage is an upscale vintage shop with art gallery Hunter and Cook in the back.

We asked Lindsay from Silver Falls Vintage our 8 questions about her business and here are her answers:

What’s your business?

Silver Falls Vintage.

How is your business unique?

I sell vintage clothing and my boyfriend Jay runs an art gallery in the back called Hunter and Cook.

How long have you been in business here?

Just over a year.

What drew you to be here on Ossington?

The action!  I couldn’t think of another spot to be really.  We got in at the right time before the rents started going crazy.

What changes have you seen on Ossington since your business has been here?

The weekends in the summer are nuts on this strip!  I used to live on Argyle Street 15 years ago and the neighbourhood was super sketchy. I would run home from the bus stop.  Now the only thing you have to be afraid of are drunken, suburbanite douchebags.

How do you see your business and Ossington five years from now?

We are closing the gallery in the spring and will be converting the space into an antique shop.
I hope Ossington gets a few more cheap, daytime food places.  More daytime business in general.

What is your favorite spot on Ossington, other than your own? and why?

I love the Vietnamese restaurant Pho Tien Thanh. I probably eat there too much……
And TAN coffee! My pal Marilyn is the owner- I probably drink too much coffee as well.

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