More Restaurants Opening Soon On Ossington

Things are happening again on Ossington and the expansion of the culinary scene continues (these restaurants had their applications in before the new regulations). The restaurant scene expands.

A couple weeks ago, during the Interior Design Show, Audi held a party at Bohmer, despite the fact that that it isn’t yet open to the public. The outside looks almost ready and the inside, while not stocked, is pretty bare-bones.

MartiniBoys is reporting that the spot is going to be about 5000 sqft with an attached store. Here’s some pics of the front and inside:

We are assuming that they are going to have a bigger sign going up soon. The opening was promised for January 20th, partly because of the design show, but we assume there are other issues holding up the launch.

Another restaurant that looks set to open is Salt Wine Bar, that looks like it’s been sitting idle for many, many months. Last week they put up a new awning.

We’ll head over to them when we see the paper comes off the windows and update on the food and drink.