Save Rolly’s Garage – all you need to do is vote.

Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 4.54.21 PMAnyone who’s been hanging around Ossington for a while knows of the magic of Rolly’s Garage. But, without some community support, it may be coming to an end. But a quick vote by you may save them!

Rolly’s was an old garage – with mechanics and all, and some time ago Robin Orbeta-Lacambra took it over from her father and made it into the open art space it is today.

In a rare showing of actually trying to enforce the law, rather than impose new ones, they have been told that they need a whole lot of upgrades to make the place viable for business. And, Now Magazine is reporting that that the insurance company Aviva is looking for community building ideas, and Rolly’s garage is on the list of potential locations to get support.

So go hit up the Aviva Community site and vote for Rollys.

Also stop by the fundraiser this weekend! Let’s give them the support they need!