Council Meets to Discuss Ossington on November 10 – 10am

According the City of Toronto there is an upcoming city council meeting to take place on November 10th, starting at 9:30am, with a portion on the Ossington restaurant study at 10am. According to the initial Background file “Given the complexities of the issues being discussed, staff require further consultation between City Divisions prior to completion of the staff report.”

We are not sure who the city planner is talking to in this Restaurant study during the moratorium. Certainly they have not discussed the issue with the owners of the local businesses, and as a resident I haven’t had an communication from the city regarding the restaurant situation on Ossington.

Have any local residents or business had any connection with City planner, Jeff Markowiak? Maybe local residents should let him know whether they support the local entrepreneurs, or whether they have a vision on where Ossington is going to go and who they are going to consult on the study. His info is: Tel. No. (416) 397-4647, email:

We are assuming no decisions will be made at this meeting, but it’s important that local residents and businesses know what’s going on. Given that Joe Pantalone is known for his anti-entpreneurship stance, and for pulling surprises out of his pocket at council meetings, it’s important that people attend the meeting and let the council know what’s going on with the neighbourhood.

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