Ossington Street News – Get Real closes & Par’amour opens

I’ve been off for a while – busy with my day job – but there’ve been some happenings on Ossington while I’ve been gone. I reported at the beginning of October that Le Bar a Soup had closed. At that point someone tipped me off that Get Real Cafe, the hip veggie restaurant on the west side of the street was closed. I finally stopped by their place yesterday and there was a sign on the window: “Closed for a ‘special reason”. Not sure what a special reason is, but it looks like it’s not opening again.

At the same time only a couple days ago Par’amour opened. Owned by the folks from Levack Block, it’s a high-end restaurant with a small menu. With appetizers at between $9 and $15 and mains between $20 and $30, it’s not a restaurant for the times. But perhaps the recession is over.

There’s also some activity been going on politically. A neighbourhood meeting happened while I was away. Update happening tomorrow after a local meeting. Stop back here soon!