The Ossington BlackOut Street Party

IMG_3955Ossington broke out into song and dance tonight with the Ossington Blackout Street Party. It was quiet to start, with bars turning off their lights and just having candles and acoustic music. We stopped in the Crooked Star for a pint, and while it was hot inside, the atmosphere was fun and people were enjoying themselves. Along the street, in parking spots there were games of musical chairs, foozball, and jugglers.

Then right around 10 the party broke out. Fire jugglers, samba drummers, and all sorts of musicians, including the organizer, Michael J. and Richard Underhill, of the shuffle demons.

Here’s a set of the pictures with music accompaniment:

If you have more, let me know and I’ll add them into the mix. Keep an eye on the facebook and yelp pages, for more pics.


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