Lower Ossington Theatre and the Fringe

IMG_3803There are a few places on Ossingon I haven’t been yet. And the Lower Ossington Theatre, until tonight, was one of them. It always looks tempting, but, from the street, it looks like s small, cramped space. With the Fringe on, we ventured into to see Red Machine, Part 1, one of the Fringe Festival plays.

I was definitely wrong about being cramped and small. Despite the small door, you head upstairs, and are greeted by large windows, a nice foyer for taking tickets and a pleasant and well decorated intermission area with a small area where there is a small, licensed snack bar. When were were there earlier tonight there was an interesting art exhibition on the walls which I didn’t get enough time to take a good look at.

In the back the actual theatre area is large, and was set up for the Fringe play in an L shape. There looks like there are some other workshop rooms in the hallway to the theatre, which, I suspect, are inspiring the creativity for further plays in the venue.

I’ll definitely be going back. It’s very convenient, and now that I know I won’t be sitting on uncomfortable chairs, or on the floor, I’ll be watching each of the new releases in the theatre to come.

This neighbourhood rocks. I said it in tweets earlier today, and I’ll say it again.