When will Ideal Coffee have WiFi?

IdealOne of my favourite places on the Ossington strip is Ideal Coffee. They always have pleasant staff, and it’s a good place to just hang out, read and even meet other locals. I’ve been frequenting Ideal since we moved into the neighbourhood, and even before while we were building our house down the street. But one of the things I’ve never understood is why the cafe doesn’t have WiFi? It’s the perfect place for it.

I heard one of the staff members talking about how it would make it ‘less social’, as if a coffee shop shouldn’t have wireless internet access, because it would make it less of a coffee shop. I work from home quite a bit, and from what I can see in the neighbourhood there are many others that do also and there are times when being around other people helps me come up with ideas, or just feel more social.

There’s a place up the street I sometimes go, Semolina Bakery, when I feel like a coffee which has internet access, but it doesn’t have the same neighbourhood feel as Ideal.

I’d encourage the owners to get an internet connection and put some wireless in. I’m sure many of your customers would apprciate it. Maybe have a ‘wireless tip jar’ to help pay for it. I’d contribute.

Let me know if you need help installing. Happy to come over and assist.