A night on the strip – National Post reporters visit Ossington

Last weekend the National Post sent a couple reporters to Ossington and documented their excursion, armed with sound meters and notebooks to document the so called ‘debauchery’ on Ossington. It’s a fun article which highlights a lot of the new places on the street, as well as the old ones which cater to the local Portuguese crowd.

It’s no surprise to us that they didn’t find any great examples of the excessive noise on the street, or anything particularly salacious, but instead noted that bar owners like Catherine MacFadyan, of Reposado were essentially policing themselves. While there are a lot of people on the street the night they were here, they didn’t find anything more than a neighbourhood with a vibrant community and plenty of visitors.

As someone mentioned while  we were out last night, in Canada, we don’t like things hot. When the New York Times is writing about Ossington, it’s hot. And our city councilor, Joe Pantalone, decides that he’ll ‘cool things down’. Ain’t that Toronto?

Cheers to the Post reporters for the article!

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