Ossington Businesses Expand Across the City

We recently posted about how many Vancouver businesses are expanding to Ossington. But the trend goes outward from Ossington, too, not as far as Vancovuer – yet. More and more Ossington-founded businesses are expanding across Toronto – maybe the rest of the country – and beyond – is coming next.

Pizza Libretto

The first and biggest, . . . → Read More: Ossington Businesses Expand Across the City

OSSFEST Recap and Photos

The first ever Ossington street festival OSSFEST was big success. Here is our OSSFEST recap with photos . . . → Read More: OSSFEST Recap and Photos

What To Expect During Ossfest


Ossfest takes over Ossington Avenue on Saturday July 23 and local businesses will be serving patio drinks and eats, sidewalk sales and more . . . → Read More: What To Expect During Ossfest

Playing Pokemon Go in Ossington Village


Pokémon Go launched in Canada on Sunday, and we’re already hooked and so are many other locals. There are PokéStops and gyms all around Ossington Village. Thanks to a lot of nearby graffiti, churches and parks, you can get a lot of Pokémon Go activity nearby.

Last night, we walked around the back alleys of our neighbourhood, taking in graffiti PokéStops, and meeting other people doing the same thing!


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Ossington Street Festival Ossfest July 23

Saturday, July 23rd is the first ever Ossington street festival. Ossfest will feature a bike race, outdoor music, and a lot of patios and fun. . . . → Read More: Ossington Street Festival Ossfest July 23

Local Food News

There’s been a lot of activity in the local restaurant scene these days. First, a recap on the new openings: Both The Grow Op and Omaw are now open and serving, as you can read about in our earlier posts. (Omaw even got a later write-up in the Toronto Star yesterday). Neither restaurant seems to have a . . . → Read More: Local Food News

Restaurant News – Feb 2015

The Toronto restaurant scene is always changing, and our part of Toronto is no different. We’ve got some information on new and upcoming restaurants on Dundas and Ossington, plus a couple of changes at existing dining spots.

Three restaurants have opened in the last month and a half. We haven’t even made it to all of them, but . . . → Read More: Restaurant News – Feb 2015

2014 in Review: Openings and Closings on Ossington

Ossington continued to grow in 2014, but we also lost some favorites. We’ve always seen Ossington as a microcosm for our city’s culture, and a lot of the bigger trends happened on Ossington: the move from fine dining to snack bars; the evolution from hip and trendy arts to a more gentrified retail playground; games and . . . → Read More: 2014 in Review: Openings and Closings on Ossington

A Snowy Ossington: Photos

A snowy Ossington looks very nice today. Shopfronts, signs, even chained bicycles are very photo friendly in the clean fresh snow. So, we took some snapshots of some of our favorite spots looking pretty in the snow. Plus, it looks like La Cubana is getting closer to opening. Enjoy the snow while it’s clean!

. . . → Read More: A Snowy Ossington: Photos

Ossington Food News – August 2014

Lots of changes going on in the neighborhood’s bars and restaurants, most happening this Fall. We’ve got lots of news that will whet your appetites. . . . → Read More: Ossington Food News – August 2014