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Theatre and Art

More Art Galleries Leaving Ossington

We found out this week that two of Ossington’s top art galleries are going to be closing this Fall. The first, Angell Gallery, moved to Ossington from Queen West in 2010, and now Jamie Angell plans […]
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Social Media

Closing/Opening Soon

Ossington lost two art galleries recently: AWOL Gallery is closed as of today, and Oz Studios shut its doors this spring. We also noticed a sign on Dundas West – Lanalgo clothing store has a liquor license app for “The Contender” […]
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Retail and Services

Dollar Store/Medicine Shoppe Shuffles, and other comings and goings.

The strip along Dundas between Dovercourt and Ossington has been going through a big change recently with a bunch of closings and openings.

The change continues with a shuffle down the street of The Medicine Shoppe, a pharmacy run by Peter Wong which has operated at the corner of Dundas and Dovercourt for about 10 years. […]

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Neighborhood Closings

We have just learned of the impending closure of Jaiden’s Petals Cindiloowho, located at 130 Ossington, and also of the already closed The Port, on Dundas. […]