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Ossington LaneWay Art Project Benefits Community

If you’re in the neighborhood this weekend, make sure to stop by the alleyway behind the west side of Ossington between Queen and Humbert Streets. That is the site for the “Brighten the Corners For the Love of Art” mural project to beautify the laneway and transformm it into a 24 hour art gallery that’s accessible to everyone. […]
Academy of Lions Rowathon
Business Profiles

Ossington Business Profile #14: Academy of Lions

The latest in our series of Ossington Business Profiles is for the crossfit gym/cafe/general store/charitable foundation Academy of Lions, which moved last year from Dundas Street West to 64 Ossington, a former restaurant supply space. Dhani Oks, the Director and Owner of Academy of Lions, answered our profile questions, explaining more about the business. […]
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Food News and Specials

Our local restaurants and food shops are abuzz with news, special offers, and special events, so for your convenience, we’re rounding up all those deals in one place. […]
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Ossington Patio Season begins (or Patio Guide V1)

It’s finally springtime, and it’s time to sit outside. Ossington has a number of great outdoor venues both in the back and out front. This Saturday a couple of them were in full use. Here’s the first of our Ossington patio guide outlining some of the great places to sit outside on Ossington. […]
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First Ever Toronto Beer Week This September

There are enough Toronto brewers, beers and beer bars to warrant it’s own Beer Week, and there will be bars and restaurants all over the city, including Ossington, participating.

Toronto Beer Week is September 20-26, 2010. Participating Ossington bars include The Painted Lady, The Dakota Tavern, BQM and The Crooked Star.