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Theatre and Art

More Art Galleries Leaving Ossington

We found out this week that two of Ossington’s top art galleries are going to be closing this Fall. The first, Angell Gallery, moved to Ossington from Queen West in 2010, and now Jamie Angell plans […]
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2011 Look Back: Festivals

Ossington is a destination for people from across Toronto and beyond, partly for the mix of eclectic festivals that draws us and others to the strip. 2011 was no exception, so we’re looking back at the festivals we witnessed on Ossington. […]
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Contact Photography Festival

he 2011 edition of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival is about to begin, and there’s a lot of art to see and events to participate in here on Ossington.

The festival runs the entire month of May with the theme “Figure & Ground” and features traditional exhibits in galleries and restaurants, and also a number of public installations and open exhibits […]


Ossington to Participate in Printopolis

Thanks to all the art galleries on and around Ossington, a lot of cultural events in Toronto come to us. An example of this is the upcoming Printopolis, which is a symposium focused on international contemporary printmaking. Part of Printopolis, and the part open to the general public, is a series of exhibitions highlighting contemporary print media around Toronto. […]