Code 8 Filming on Dundas West

Code 8 Dundas Set

If you’ve been on Dundas West just east of Ossington today, you likely noticed the equipment and trucks set up for the shoot of Code 8.

About Code 8

Code 8 is a science fiction movie which features Arrow stars – and Canadian cousins – Stephen and Robbie Amell. The project originally began as a short film, which has been released and you can already watch. The two stars and director Jeff Chan started an indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to expand it to a feature film.

Code 8 Filming on Dundas West

Code 8 is filming in the garage space of A-1 Auto Service Repair on the south side of Dundas. This venue is not new to film shoots, as it was previously used in the film Dr. Cabbie.

When I went by this evening, I didn’t see either of the two leads, but there is a chance you will.

I did get some photos on the street. I am not sure if the ice cream truck is part of the set, or craft services.

Code 8 will be filming in Toronto through the end of July.

Share with us on social if you get any photos of your own!

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Big Movie Shoot at Dundas and Ossington

There is a high budget shoot happening on Dundas at Ossington today. The production team is trying to keep the name of the feature a mystery, but word is out that it’s Guillermo del Toro’s latest feature, The Shape of Water, which fits everything we learned today.

The Movie is set in the 1960s

This is one piece of information that was willingly given out by one of the many workers on the production. The period costume and the vintage cars serve as further evidence.

Ossington shoot

Extras on set on Ossington

According to online info on The Shape of Water, it’s set in Cold War Era, circa 1965.

It has a pretty good sized budget

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Experience Virtual Reality Theatre

VividVRLogoOur neighbourhood has another entertainment option this summer. Vivid VR has opened a pop-up virtual reality theatre on Dundas between Dovercourt and Ossington in the space run by local art gallery and event space Milk Glass.


The experience last about an hour and costs $20 and you get to ‘live’ in three different short films, each using the new virtual reality medium in a different way. The shows run about every hour in the evenings on weekdays and from 1pm on on weekends. Reserve your tickets online here. Continue reading Experience Virtual Reality Theatre

Beauty and The Beast Returns to Ossington

Have you seen some out-of-place subway station signs or new storefronts on Ossington today?
That’s because once again, our street is being transformed for Hollywood. This time, Beauty & The Beast is back filming on Ossington, and they’ve already taken over Soos, Tiger of Sweden and Humbert Street with New York City decor, including the requisite cabs.

ny taxi

Beauty & The Beast, the CW series which airs on Showcase here, has already used Ossington as a backdrop for their NYC set before this shoot.

Here’s Academy of Lions with a Jazz Bar sign:


Let us know if you see Kristen Kreuk or any of the show’s other stars. We’ve got some more photos from social media:


from @robynehewitt on Twitter


from @tigerofswedento instagram


from @laurensoo88 instagram

TV Show Sensitive Skin Back Filming on Ossington

Kim sensitive-skin-tv-show-2014Cattrall and company are back on their favorite Toronto street today, filming scenes for the upcoming season 2 of Sensitive Skin. The HBO Canada series is about an older couple who moves out of their house to a hip, downtown condo, and, naturally, their condo is in a fictional amalgamation of College Street, Dundas and Ossington and Queen West.

Last year’s promo for the show really showcased Ossington, including BQM and Fishbar, and the sales office of 109 Oz, a scene was filmed in the pharmacy on the northwest corner of Dundas and Ossington (in above photo), and today they’re filming at Boehmer and other spots along the street.

If you see Kim or any of her co-stars, including Don McKellar, send us a tweet!

Rogue TV Series Shoots on Ossington

Rogue_(TV)_logoToday Ossington fills in for another location as the setting of another TV shoot: this time, it’s Northern California, the set for DirectTV series Rogue.

While we didn’t get to see series stars Thandie Newton, Cole Hauser or Andrea Roth, the production did take advantage of some of the unoccupied spaces on Ossington. 88 Ossington, which may soon be a boutique hotel, was mocked up to be a tavern or restaurant named T. Edison’s, and the space next to LOT at 100 Ossington was cleared out for use, whether for filming or storage, we don’t know.

Did you see any of the action of this police drama today? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @ossingtonvil




Beauty and The Beast Filming on Ossington

beautyandthebeastOssington Avenue is being turned into New York City’s Greenwich Village today. The reason? Another TV show is filming on Ossington. This time it’s Showcase and CW TV’s Beauty and the Beast, which stars Canadian actress Kristin Kreuk.

According to the filming notice posted along Ossington last week, the romantic sci-fi series, which is going into its 3rd season, will be filming all day Monday, October 20, from 7am to 10pm.

In the meantime, Ossington has already been converted into a New York City set, with NYC subway signs and a non-government liquor store (oh wouldn’t that be nice!) in place of The Pedal Stop. The exact location of filming, is Ossington between Foxley and Humbert streets. Many of the exteriors of the businesses in between those streets are being converted into a variety of different New York City spots. Reposado is becoming a taco joint, La Cubana a pizza spot, and Venezia an Italian bakery.

To ensure authenticity, there are loads of New York parking signs, and we even saw some crew members removing the Ossington street sign at Ossington and Foxley.  We took a lot of photos – it’s fun to see familiar local spots made over for TV.

Filming should be all day tomorrow, so let us know what – and who – you see!

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Promo for New HBO Canada Series Showcases Ossington

Kim Cattrall is the star of HBO Canada’s upcoming new series Sensitive Skin, but Ossington features prominently in the promo. The promo spot gives some screen time to several Ossington businesses, including Lush & Lavish Salon, BQM Burger, Fishbar, El Nardo Kitchen Supply, and the a-frame board for Crooked Star.

The show itself is an adaptation of a BBC series and Cattrall stars with Don McKellar as a couple who downsize and move downtown to a hip condo to change their lives and begin again. That explains why they’re showing her on Ossington!

You’ll have to watch it for yourself; we’ve embedded it below. Whether there will be more Ossington exposure in the show – we’ll have to wait until it premieres in July.

Lost Girl Filming on Ossington

Fans of Showcase’s “Lost Girl” may see some familiar sights on the show next season, as the popular sci-fi drama is currently shooting scenes on Ossington.

We saw trucks on the street this morning, so we walked over to learn more this afternoon. Boehmer Restaurant is the location for today’s filming. We’ve seen films and TV shows on Ossington before: they definitely like using the many restaurants in the area.

If you are walking by, keep an eye out for some very attractive actors like Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Ried. Let us know if you see anyone famous! Our photos of the shoot are below:




Dr. Cabbie films on Dundas

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 12.13.00 PM

Canadian film “Dr. Cabbie” is filming today on Dundas just east of Ossington. The film, about a young Indian immigrant doctor-turned-cab driver who turns his cab into a mobile medical vehicle, began filming in Toronto earlier this week.

The shoot is taking place in a garage on Dundas West, across the street and a little bit east of Opera Bob’s. We didn’t see any of the actors, but Adrienne Palicki from Friday Night Lights and Canadian born Vinay Virmani are in the cast, so maybe you or we will spot them at one of our locals or on set.

According to the articles linked above, the film should be released this Fall.You can follow Dr. Cabbie on twitter and facebook as they continue to shoot in our neighborhood and city.