Ossington Tire Is Closing on August 4th

Ossington TireOssington Tire announced yesterday that they are closing the business as of August 4th.

Ossington Tire Is Closing

Ossington Tire’s Facebook announcement


About Ossington Tire

Ossington Tire covers a big chunk of real estate at 146 Ossington, on the west side between Foxley and Argyle. The garage is between YogaSpace to the north and Reposado to the south. The family-run business has been in operation since 1946, and it’s presence harkens back to the industrial history of Ossington Avenue.  It had no shortage of customers from what we could tell, and was especially busy in late fall when cars would line up around the block to change to winter tires each year at Ossington Tire.

Ossington Tire Is Closing

Now the owner is retiring and so, Ossington Tire is closing. The announcement comes with a week and a half to go – your last chance to get your tires replaced on Ossington is next Friday, August 4, 2017. We wish the owner and his employees the best of luck!

So, what’s next for 146 Ossington? It’s a big lot with a lot of potential in a prime neighborhood. Your guess is probably similar to mine. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more, and please do the same! Share in our comments or through social.

KFC location has proposed redevelopment submission

20160821_100212The owner of the property where there is currently KFC at the corner of Grove Ave and Dundas, 1121 Dundas Street West, has submitted a proposal to the city to demolish the current restaurant on the corner and build another one story building, with 5 units. According to the application the new space will be designated such that each space will hold a restaurant, 2 over 30 seats and 3 under 30 seats. We assume that the new building will extend right out to the property line, as there is little use for the on-site parking in a downtown location.

As residents, we will not be missing the KFC – neither of us having visited the shop in the 10 years we’ve lived in the neighbourhood – so we will be looking forward to some new, creative food and restaurants options in the neighbourhood. It’s not like we don’t have enough, but we can always use more.

New Dispensary at Dundas and Grove

twisted smoke sign

At a time when the city is making moves against pot dispensaries, another one has just opened around the corner.

Twisted Smoke Haberdashery is located at 1245 Dundas West, in one of the two retail spaces at the new Abacus Lofts. This is on the south side of Dundas, across the street from the LCBO, and just east of Dovercourt.

Twisted Smoke had a grand opening last weekend and now are open and serving “Multiple AAAA strains, edibles, shatter, wax, BHO pens” (as per their instagram account).

No word on what will fill the adjacent space to the east of Twisted Smoke, which is still available for rent.

Our Local Beer Store Property for Sale

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.44.35 AMThe property at 1200 Dundas, where the Beer Store is, has been put up for sale. One of our readers tipped us off with a sales brochure for the property. Bids were due on February 26th. It’s a large piece of property that contains just The Beer store and a local parking lot that keeps ZipCar cars and serves as quick-stop parking lot for people visiting Nova Era and doing other local shopping. Last summer, the parking lot was also a music venue for the Dundas West Fest.

It seems to be a likely development spot on a prime piece of downtown real estate – perhaps for mid-rise condos or other mixed use developments. See the description below:

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.18.36 AM

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.18.15 AMWith Bellwoods Brewery in the neighbourhood, and an expanding craft beer selection at the LCBO, we haven’t ordered much from the Beer Store in the last year or so, but it is a convenient place to return empties (even if they don’t accept the Bellwoods bottles). It’s not clear whether the lease to the current tenant extends into the sale, but the description from the broker seems to imply that it does.

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.18.02 AM

109 Oz Demolition Begins

Screen Shot 2015-02-25 at 9.59.01 PMThe people who purchased homes at 109 Oz can be happy, as they have finally started demolishing the building which previously occupied the space. Yes, the storage facility (which showcased the heritage of Ossington, (sic)) is being knocked down for a condo.

There are fences up, probably to prevent people getting too close and hurting themselves, so it’s not easy to get photos, but we took some and they are posted below:




Here’s what it is supposed to look like when it’s done:


Photoblog: Summer Weekend On Ossington

Early Canada Day celebrations, World Cup watching, restaurant renos and condo growth: All that and more happened this weekend on Ossington, and we took some photos. How are you spending your long weekend?

Tiger of Sweden hosted another great Tiger Loves Ossington event, with beers from Bellwoods Brewery and Big Rock, tunes from Humble Mike, and ice pops from Philips Ice pops:


We haven’t seen Ardor Bistro open for a while, and this weekend was no exception. Thinking they are out of business, and wondering who’s going to take the space:


We know Levack Block is being taken over by some Toronto food superstars, and it looks like they are already at work renovating:


It looks like 10 years in business called for a new sign at Sweaty Betty’s:IMG_20140628_124614

The facade is going up at Motif Condos at 41 Ossington:


Lots of people were watching World Cup this weekend. The patio was hot at Reposado for Brazil and Colombia:


And The Ossington continues to be busy for Netherlands games – and will continue to be as they advanced again:


Hope you’re having a great weekend!

OMB Approves 109 Ossington Application for Development

109ozSliderAfter months of delay, the Ontario Municipal Board, aka OMB, finally issued a decision on the condo development at 109 Ossington, aka 109 Oz. After numerous hearings which concluded last November, the decision was issued last week, June 12th. The ruling declared that the revised proposal issued by the developer is compatible with the surroundings on Ossington and would not adversely affect the the neighbourhood to the east.

The only suggestion made by the OMB was that there be consideration of a pedestrian pathway for foot traffic in the lane behind the building, for those who don’t care to walk along either Ossington or Givens. They also found it reasonable to limit the maximum retail size to 500 sq m, to ensure only small businesses are allowed on Ossington.

We invite you to read the document below or on the OMB site here.

We are glad to finally see some movement on this location as it has been sitting empty for over a year. Expect work to begin soon, as there are lots of people eager to move in to a home in this area. We, and we’re sure the local businesses, look forward to welcoming our new neighbors.

OMB 109 Decision

Changes at Humbert St – Mamakas to arrive soon

The corner of Humbert and Ossington has been going through some changes recently. The two locations on the north and south side of the intersection are about to change – the south side into a Greek restaurant, and on the north corner we’re still awaiting word on what the new owners want to do.

The south side of the intersection is 80 Ossington, the former location of Ministry of the Interior, a high end design shop that was here until a couple of years ago. The space has been empty for quite some time and until a few weeks ago the sides were boarded up. It has emerged with a grey stucco front and glass doors, and a series of new windows on the north side of the building. It’s starting to have the appearance of a restaurant.

We learned recently that it’s still going to be called Mamakas, but instead of being a bakery, as the signage from April 2012 suggested, it’s going to be focussing on authentic Greek cuisine, with smaller dishes using real Greek ingredients. The windows were installed to allow for a bright airy space, which will be good when they eventually open for lunch. IMG_20140120_154623

On the north corner, as BlogTO and Toronto Life last week reported,  the Levack Block building was sold to new owners. The building sold for almost $3M after being on the market for a while. Levack Block was one of the founding ‘hip’ spots on Ossington, catering to young partiers who crowded the back room regularly and quite likely led to the restaurant moratorium in 2009 due to noise complaints and other issues. The building does not have official historic designation, but any changes will certainly be examined by the Toronto Historical Preservation services as it is one of the oldest buildings on the strip. The building features a beautiful upstairs party space which hosted numerous corporate parties and weddings. Although we don’t know what’s going in there at this point, we’ll let you know when we hear news.




PhotoBlog – A Cold Saturday Walk on Ossington

A cold Saturday in April.  Yes, it was snowing this morning!

Time to head out to the neighbourhood. First stop: The Saint Tavern for scones, maple bourbon bacon and deviled eggs.


Walked down to discover Amaya Express finally has their liquor license:


We stopped into Annie Aime to say hi and see she has her store set up with some very cute displays. Men’s and women’s clothing and some very nice shoes:


And nice jewelry:


Across the street it looks like the foundations and the start of an elevator shaft tower at Motif are moving along nicely:


We stopped in and said hi at Williams Craig and checked out some of the funky items they have for sale at this interior design shop.  This little monkey caught our eye sitting quietly in a chair in the front area. His name is Ludovico:


The group of designers go out shopping often and bring in what they find for display at the front of their store. A lot of neat things on hand today, and keep an eye on their quite active blog for WC Collective.


A further walk down to Angell Gallery where we checked out some of the works of Alex McLeod who creates digital images of fantastical worlds as well as works of art using a 3D printer.


It was time for a beer and so we headed up to Bellwoods for a quick pint and checked out the progress on the area where the kitchen used to be. Looks like it’s almost ready: bell

Despite the cold there were a lot of folks still on the patio. Lots of hats, gloves and coats with the outdoor pints:


Finally, the walk wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the new Cote de Boeuf where we looked at some of the beef aging in the front window cooler:


A fun Saturday stroll. Where did you go today?

Councillor Layton Solicits Community Feedback

Councillor Mike Layton is looking for community input through a neighbourhood survey he has created and posted on his website.

The purpose of the survey is to get people’s opinions on future development on Ossington Avenue between Dundas and Queen. There are a number of potential sites that could be developed, and Councillor Layton is interested in what residents want for this stretch of Ossington.

It’s your neighbourhood so you likely have an opinion on what happens in it. Click here to fill out the survey. We’ll see what happens.