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    The folks at @bellwoodsbeer are harvesting the #hops from the I Deal Coffee patio. A very #local beer should come of that. #craftbeer

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Photoblog: Summer Weekend On Ossington

Early Canada Day celebrations, World Cup watching, restaurant renos and condo growth: All that and more happened this weekend on Ossington, and we took some photos. How are you spending your long weekend?

Tiger of Sweden hosted another great Tiger Loves Ossington event, with beers from Bellwoods Brewery and Big Rock, tunes from Humble Mike, and ice pops from Philips Ice pops:


We haven’t seen Ardor Bistro open for a while, and this weekend was no exception. Thinking they are out of business, and wondering who’s going to take the space:


We know Levack Block is being taken over by some Toronto food superstars, and it looks like they are already at work renovating:


It looks like 10 years in business called for a new sign at Sweaty Betty’s:IMG_20140628_124614

The facade is going up at Motif Condos at 41 Ossington:


Lots of people were watching World Cup this weekend. The patio was hot at Reposado for Brazil and Colombia:


And The Ossington continues to be busy for Netherlands games – and will continue to be as they advanced again:


Hope you’re having a great weekend!

Ossington Stop Now Open at 1164 Dundas West

The Ossington Stop is soft opening tonight at 1164 Dundas West. We’ve been writing about it for a while, and after all the anticipation, this new comfort food joint is now open and will be open into the (late) night.

We just stopped in and met the staff, who were all very friendly, took some photos and tried some of the menu items. The dumplings were delicious and the beers were from Creemore and Granville Island and only $4!!

As we said, it’s a soft opening so expect more offerings in the days and weeks ahead. The plan is to officially launch next Tuesday, June 24th.  So “stop” in and say hi and try some of their offerings!



Photos: Portugal Day Parade 2014

Coming on the heels of the successful Dundas West Fest, the Portuguese day parade came along Dundas early this afternoon. A celebration of Portuguese culture in the region, the parade showcases community groups and all ages of Portuguese in the city. We stopped by this morning and took some photos which we’ve posted here and in a Facebook album.

Some Parade walkers:


A float with live sheep, goats and ducks:


Patriotic onlookers watching:


Some of the musicians:


A decorated float:


Photos: Dundas West Fest 2014

DuWestSignYesterday the weather was perfect for the 2nd Annual Dundas West Fest. There was something for everyone: food, drinks, music, dance, art, crafts, shopping, comedy, games for kids and lots of politicians.

Below are some of the photos from the very fun day. Thanks to the Dundas West BIA and the Little Portugal BIA for making the day such a good time for so many people.

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Lost Girl Filming on Ossington

Fans of Showcase’s “Lost Girl” may see some familiar sights on the show next season, as the popular sci-fi drama is currently shooting scenes on Ossington.

We saw trucks on the street this morning, so we walked over to learn more this afternoon. Boehmer Restaurant is the location for today’s filming. We’ve seen films and TV shows on Ossington before: they definitely like using the many restaurants in the area.

If you are walking by, keep an eye out for some very attractive actors like Anna Silk and Kris Holden-Ried. Let us know if you see anyone famous! Our photos of the shoot are below:




Photoblog: Bikes on Ossington

If you happened to be walking down Ossington on this sunny afternoon you may have noticed the parking spaces dominated by motorcycles. TownMoto, our local bike enthusiast shop at 118 Ossington, was having their spring ride-in. We caught some photos of the great bikes parked up and down the street.








PhotoBlog: A winter day on Ossington

It was a cold and snowy day on Ossington this Saturday. Lots of folks were out shopping, but many people were shoveling and enjoying the snow. Here’s a few shots from the day.

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Photos from Yesterday’s Dundas West Fest

dwfTens of thousands turned out yesterday for Toronto’s first Dundas West Fest, a street fair stretching from Roxton Road all the way to Lansdowne. The restaurants had tables out in the street, and vendors and onlookers alike were enjoying the great weather all day. Stages were set up along the whole stretch of the festival including in the Beer Store parking lot.

Here are a few pictures we collected from yesterday’s festivities but these were just a small snapshot of an enormous festival. We’re looking forward to this festival again next year. A huge thanks and congratulations has to go out to to the Dundas West BIA for putting together a fantastic day.

The Garrison had windows wide open and a big crowd gathered to enjoy the scene:


The Japanese Paper Place (a local business on Brock Street) organized a collage table where kids and adults got to be crafty with paper:


Quinta Restaurant moved some of their fine cooking outdoors:


Street artists performed


Face Painters were hard at work:


The garden centre on the south side of Dundas just east of Dovercourt was turned into an actual beer garden, hosted by Bambi’s (a popular late night basement bar on the corner of Dovercourt and Dundas if you haven’t seen it) and Beau’s Beer. DJs played the entire afternoon and into the evening.


The Beer Store parking lot had a stage with plenty of great bands:


Churchill and The Grove moved their business outdoors for the day:


Penny Arcade Vintage was showing off some great hats outside:


Couples were sifting through the great vinyl offerings of Grasshopper Records while enjoying the sun.


Photoblog – Patios on Ossington

It’s PATIO SEASON! And of course there’s lots of great places on Ossington to enjoy a pint or a meal. Here’s some of the options we found and captured on a walk early this evening.

Starting at the bottom of Ossington, we have the hidden patio of Sweaty Betty’s:


Moving up to Union Restaurant, they’ve created a nice oasis where you can enjoy local food and drinks.


Up at Argyle you can enjoy your pho and other Vietnamese food outdoors at the Golden Turtle:


Across the street, one of the newest additions to the outdoor eating scene is, of course, the Bellwoods Brewery patio. Fine local beers, with a retail shop next door where you can pick up the bottles to take home.


Another hidden gem on the street is the back patio of Reposado. Try out some tequila cocktails while enjoying the outdoors. Don’t forget this Sunday is Cinco de Mayo.


At the south corner of Rolyat we have one of the oldest on-street patios at The Crooked Star.


Up on the north corner of that same intersection you can find burgers, beers and sun at the BQM patio.


Around the corner on Dundas, you’ll find the Lakeview patio – a good place to enjoy the outdoors. Get there early for an outdoor seat for brunch:


Finally, you can enjoy some sports at Opera Bobs. They even have a TV right inside the window so you can follow the game while outdoors:

IMG_20130503_180611Other notable patios we didn’t include are Crafted, which has a little back area to enjoy your morning latte, and I Deal Coffee, which is a rustic space off Foxley. And speaking of Foxley, the namesake restaurant has a very nice back seating area which isn’t open yet, but I’m sure will be soon.

Go out and enjoy the weekend!

PhotoBlog – A Cold Saturday Walk on Ossington

A cold Saturday in April.  Yes, it was snowing this morning!

Time to head out to the neighbourhood. First stop: The Saint Tavern for scones, maple bourbon bacon and deviled eggs.


Walked down to discover Amaya Express finally has their liquor license:


We stopped into Annie Aime to say hi and see she has her store set up with some very cute displays. Men’s and women’s clothing and some very nice shoes:


And nice jewelry:


Across the street it looks like the foundations and the start of an elevator shaft tower at Motif are moving along nicely:


We stopped in and said hi at Williams Craig and checked out some of the funky items they have for sale at this interior design shop.  This little monkey caught our eye sitting quietly in a chair in the front area. His name is Ludovico:


The group of designers go out shopping often and bring in what they find for display at the front of their store. A lot of neat things on hand today, and keep an eye on their quite active blog for WC Collective.


A further walk down to Angell Gallery where we checked out some of the works of Alex McLeod who creates digital images of fantastical worlds as well as works of art using a 3D printer.


It was time for a beer and so we headed up to Bellwoods for a quick pint and checked out the progress on the area where the kitchen used to be. Looks like it’s almost ready: bell

Despite the cold there were a lot of folks still on the patio. Lots of hats, gloves and coats with the outdoor pints:


Finally, the walk wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the new Cote de Boeuf where we looked at some of the beef aging in the front window cooler:


A fun Saturday stroll. Where did you go today?

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