Big Movie Shoot at Dundas and Ossington

There is a high budget shoot happening on Dundas at Ossington today. The production team is trying to keep the name of the feature a mystery, but word is out that it’s Guillermo del Toro’s latest feature, The Shape of Water, which fits everything we learned today.

The Movie is set in the 1960s

This is one piece of information that was willingly given out by one of the many workers on the production. The period costume and the vintage cars serve as further evidence.

Ossington shoot

Extras on set on Ossington

According to online info on The Shape of Water, it’s set in Cold War Era, circa 1965.

It has a pretty good sized budget

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Twisted Smoke Is Closed, Prime Dundas Space Looking for Tenant

Another marijuana dispensary, this one Twisted Smoke on Dundas West, is now closed. The space is immediately available for rent, and representatives of Abacus Lofts have reached out to ask for publicity in getting a new, and improved, tenant.

Abacus Lofts is a brand new apartment building on the south side of Dundas at Grove Street. The prime spot at 1239 Dundas West is near restaurants and the LCBO and is available immediately for lease. It’s 1,595 square feet with a 400 sf patio in the front, and they are open to a cafe or restaurant taking over the lease. So if you or someone you know is looking for a place to open your dream business, try the link here.

Here are some photos of the recently emptied space:

Abacus Lofts

Abacus Lofts on Dundas West

1239 Dundas West

The retail space at 1239 Dundas West

Twisted Smoke is the second recent closure of a marijuana dispensary, not surprising since we still have a glut in our neighbourhood.

Ossington Village Alleyway Party Photos

The 6th annual Ossington Village Alleyway Party was yesterday and we were blessed with a beautiful sunny day to accompany the wonderful music, food and company in the alley.

The day was filled with friends old and new, food from the generous neighbors, Scrabble and other games, music and dancing. All of the talented performers donated their time and music, and for that we are very grateful! Here are some photos from the day and night:


The music line-up, which changed slightly


Rosey Kain made her first appearance at the Alleyway Party.

Rosey Kain made her first appearance at the Alleyway Party


Maracatu Mar Alberto: The drummers paraded down the alleyway to the stage

Maracatu Mar Alberto: The drummers paraded down the alleyway to the stage

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OSSFEST Recap and Photos

The first ever OSSFEST was a long and busy day of cycling, music, food, shopping and dancing. Ossington street was shut down for an unforgettable – and blazing hot – day. Thanks to the Ossington BIA for putting on such a fun – and very complicated – event! We have a recap and some photos, but for more photos from the day and night, go to our Facebook page here.

OSSFEST: The Ossington Crit

The day started with cycling and kids ages 5-15 riding their bikes along the Ossington Crit route, later to be populated with semi-pro athletes racing through the heat for long stretches (90 minutes in 35 degrees!).

OssCrit Kids Race

Ossington Crit Kids race

The Crit proved to be extremely popular with people of all ages, and people who had never seen a crit before are excited to see it again! We got to watch some great cycling, with races for amateurs, fixies, and more seasoned women and men competing for prizes in fastest laps and overall race purses, which we were told were high for Ontario. The race route along Ossington was generally pretty crowded with viewers, but along Halton, Givens and Rebecca, there was plenty of room to view. For full results from the races, go here. Congrats to all the winners and finishers. The races were exciting to watch.

Crit On Givens

Ossfest: The Crit


Ossfest: The Crit – women racing on Rebecca Street

OSSFEST: Music Fest

OSSFEST also included some great music at the north end of the closed off street by Dundas West. Festival goers danced and drank on The Painted Lady patio to live music including reggae, brass bands, and more:

The Responsables

The Responsables on the OSSFEST music stage

Heavyweights Brass Band

Heavyweights Brass Band on the march at OSSFEST

The street was packed with revellers all day and night, with people enjoying all that Ossington has to offer.

OSSFEST: Restaurant Patios

Patios were crowded with people taking a break in the shade to watch The Crit from Tiger of Sweden, hosting Cote De Boeuf, to Reposado, The Ossington and Mamakas, to the music stages near Pizza Libretto.


Mamakas was busy with their side patio during OSSFEST


La Cubana with sidewalk take-out

OSSFEST: Sidewalk Shopping

There were so many people on the street and the day was so hot, that popping inside for a break and a little shop was a great idea. A lot of the retailers brought their goods outside, and Telegramme Prints even offered a kids’ art workshop which was well received!

Telegramme OSSFEST

Telegramme Art Workshop for Kids

Crywolf OSSFEST Buttones

Crywolf and Button Machine had free OSSFEST buttons

Did you enjoy OSSFEST as much as we did? Share in the comments and definitely check out our Facebook page for more photos!

Playing Pokemon Go in Ossington Village


Pokémon Go launched in Canada on Sunday, and we’re already hooked and so are many other locals. There are PokéStops and gyms all around Ossington Village. Thanks to a lot of nearby graffiti, churches and parks, you can get a lot of Pokémon Go activity nearby.

Last night, we walked around the back alleys of our neighbourhood, taking in graffiti PokéStops, and meeting other people doing the same thing!


Collect balls and other items to use in the game for free. These locations have multiple PokéStops:

  • Trinity Bellwoods Park: signs, graffiti, memorials, statues: all of these are PokéStops
  • Ossington alleyways to the east and west of Ossington, there are so many alleyways with graffiti art that are featured in this game
  • Ostler Park playground: this is a good stopover between alleyways, and people were setting lots of lures there last night!
  • BQM has a mural on the side of the building which is a PokéStop
  • “Black and White” is the Black wall of OMAW across the street from the White wall of Mamakas at Ossington and Humbert

Here are some photos of some of the stops:

The Poke Stop at Ossington and Argyle

Poke Stop Ossington and Argyle

Martial Arts Graffiti

Martial Arts Graffiti West of Ossington and North of Queen: Also a PokéStop


Ossington alley art

Gamers lured some PokéMon and were trying to catch them among the art in the Ossington alleway


The PokéMon gyms are for level 5 and up. Nearby gyms include:

  • The lumberyard behind the Downtown Lumber on Ossingon north of Foxley
  • The convenience store at Foxley and Dovercourt
  • Canada Herb at Ossington and Argyle

Are you playing Pokémon Go in the neighbourhood? Let us know in the comments and share your photos with us on Instagram.

Introducing: Té Restaurant’s New Patio

Te PatioTé Restaurant Now Has a Patio

Last week,  Restaurant launched a beautiful backyard patio. That’s right, now you can enjoy the Asian fusion food and delicious tea-infused cocktails in the outdoors.

For those of you who missed our earlier posts, Té is at 70 Ossington, next door to Union. Like it’s northerly neighbour Union, the new backyard patio at Té is a beautiful oasis. Quiet and shaded, it’s a nice spot to take a break from the sun and the crowds on Ossington and Queen West. Today, a hot afternoon, when I stepped onto that patio, the air felt a few degrees cooler than the street temperature!

Below are some of the photos I took of the newly launched outdoor space. Té is open for weekend brunch and from 4PM each night excluding Tuesdays.


Backyard Patio Té

The relaxing backyard at Té

Te Backyard Patio

Te Patio with lights

The Té patio has shade and twinkly lights

Té joins the many other illustrious patios in Ossington Village. Check out our patio guide for more!

Love Letter to The Great Lakes: Street Art Around Ossington

lovelettertThis week, Ossington is a major location for a new Toronto arts festival. This one brings some beautiful new murals to our streetscape. Love Letter to The Great Lakes as an event runs until tomorrow at Rally Ossington, but the street art will live on our local buildings for a long time.

Today, the team behind the project at Rally led a bike tour of the murals, starting behind their site at 12 Ossington. We stopped at several murals in and around Ossington, the street and alleyways. We checked out the murals as they were being painted, and got to hear from some of the artists. While this was a one-time experience, you can still go for your own walk or bike and have a look for yourself!

I took some photos and notes on where and who.  The website also showcases a map with the sites and bios of all the talented artists working on the project, so you can conduct your own personal self-guided tour in the days to come. Also, Rally is holding a pop-up shop and art exhibit with materials related to the project, so stop in tonight or tomorrow for more information.

Please note – these murals are not finished. The artists have been working on them in the hot sun all week and they are elaborate so expect a few more days before completion.

Alleyway East side of Ossington, behind Rally:

We started behind Rally, where several different artists are painting their own work:


The tour begins at Rally Ossington

First, a mural by Caratoes:


In the same alleyway, a work by Peru evoking shipping lanes:


Peru in front of his mural in the west alleyway behind Ossington

Alleyway West side of Ossington, at Humbert

Then, we went back onto Ossington and across to the other side of the street, behind House of Horvath, the cigar factory on the east side. First, we saw Birdo‘s street art which focuses on disappearing species:


Birdo Disappearing Species Mural

Right next door, Chris Konecki‘s mural of shipping lanes sparked attention:


Chris Konecki mural Ossington

West Side of Ossington at Rebecca

 Just a little bit further south, across from 41 Ossington at the south side of Rebecca Street, Bruno Smoky is in the midst of his mural. Apparently, there are a lot of restrictions and he is being held up, but try to check him out this weekend. You can see it is a very large piece and not finished!

Bruno Smokey mural

Bruno Smoky mural Ossington and Rebecca

Queen West Self-Storage building, 21 Ossington, west side

Right at a very busy part of Ossington, Toronto local Jon Todd has been painting some very detailed wildlife of the Great lakes.


Jon Todd mural, 21 Ossington

Parking Lot next to Jimmy’s Coffee, 15 Ossington

We met Valinas, a muralist from Mexico who made his first trip to Toronto to participate in this project. 3 different pieces fill the wall in the parking lot north of Jimmy’s Coffee.


Valinas, posing in front of his mural

Rally, 12 Ossington

Olivier Bonnard from Montreal painted the front of the Rally building, with fish swimming up and down the exterior.


Oliver Bonnard at Rally Ossington

2016 Portugal Day Parade Photos

This year’s Portugal Day Parade was a beautiful, if windy, day for the marchers and the onlookers.
We took lots of photos of the musicians, organizations, and politicians who participated in the annual parade that travels on Dundas West from Landsdowne to Ossington. Some photos are below, but check out our Facebook post for more.


The crowds waiting for the parade


Mayor John Tory and Councillor Ana Bailao



Smiles at today's #portugalparade #parade #toronto



Pictures from the Dundas West Fest

Yesterday was the 4th annual Dundas West Festival.

Lots of great music, food, shopping and entertainment were enjoyed. Here’s some pictures from the event. We’ve also posted a lot more on Facebook.




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A Tasting at Té

telogoThis week, we were lucky to be included among a group of bloggers treated to taste the menu at Te.

Don’t know what Te is? Well, now is your chance to go try some of their delicious Asian fusion food before it starts getting written up and too crowded to get in. Located just south of Union, where Baby Huey used to be, at 70 Ossington Avenue, Te is open daily for dinner and brunch on weekends.

The event last night featured some signature cocktails, all Asian and/or tea influenced, including some bubble tea beverages, as well as samples from the entire menu. We couldn’t eat it all, but we enjoyed everything we tried. Standouts include the edamame with garlic and anchovy, kimchee ravioli and Taiwanese fried chicken.

We took lots of photos of the food, but you should try it for yourself!


Cocktails at Te



Garlic edamame and candied anchovies


Taiwanese spiced tea egg shooters



Sweet potato fries



Bulgogi sliders

Taiwanese Fried Chicken

Dark Spiced Taiwanese Fried Chicken


Toasted Kimchi Ravioli