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Wine & Cheese at Union Restaurant – A preview

Having heard it was open I needed to check out the new, long awaited, spot on Ossington – Union Restaurant. I sauntered down on this rainy Tuesday before Canada day to check it out. With the paper not even off the windows and a fresh sheen on still on the furniture, the staff were greeting people and offering wine and cheese, and some items off the menu presented as appetizers. […]
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Ossington on the Blogs

Metro Magazine has a piece today the burgening theatre scene based out of the Lower Ossington Theatre, just in time for the Fringe Festival, going on this week. The venue got the space in the Ossington strip early and have become one of the key centres of the city for theatre. […]
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Union Has Opened!

The long anticipated Union Restaurant has now opened along Ossington. After Toronto Life gave him a blog to document his process, he only gave them about 6-7 cryptic posts about the progress of the place. Today I learned from Melissa Davis of YDF in her post documenting her visit last night to the new restaurant. […]
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When will Ideal Coffee have WiFi?

One of my favourite places on the Ossington strip is Ideal Coffee. They always have pleasant staff, and it’s a good place to just hang out, read and even meet other locals. I’ve been frequenting Ideal since we moved into the neighbourhood, and even before while we were building our house down the street. But one of the things I’ve never understood is why the cafe doesn’t have WiFi? […]