The Arrow Cafe and Ice Cream Opens on Dundas and Ossington

When it’s hot in Toronto, ice cream can be just the thing. Luckily for us, a new ice cream and coffee shop just opened on 1164 Dundas west of Ossington. The Arrow Cafe opened a week ago, just west of St. Christopher House. When we visited the owners while they were still renovating, they told us they got the name from a logo they found on the floor. At one time the place was the site of a print shop, and they are pretty sure the “A” in the centre of an arrow in the logo, was from the print shop.

The ice cream on offer is different in that they have a few flavours made with coconut milk, so dairy free, and some made with buffalo milk from Monforte Dairy. Fresh, local, different. The prices are reasonable too! We have some photos for you, but go visit yourself.